Sansalone Wedding | Virginia Beach, VA

Sam + Kim are married!!! They got married in the backyard of their dear friend that lived on Lake James in Virginia Beach, VA! The house, the views, and the lake were all stunning and proved to be the perfect place for Sam + Kim to say I do! I don’t even know where to begin with these two. It was such an honor to photograph their intimate day and Jesus was so evident in every minute of it. I’ve know Sam for a few years and when I moved to Virginia Beach 2 years ago, I met Kim shortly thereafter. She is without a doubt one of my favorite people in the whole world. Kim is encouraging, patient, full of joy and grace, and trusts the Lord deeply. She trusted that at the right time her and Sam would get married. And on June 23, 2018, Jesus revealed his faithfulness to both Sam and Kim as they became husband and wife!

This day came together perfectly but with a few little hiccups along the way. Sam designed a ring for Kim that he was going to propose with and long story short, it got stolen before he had the chance to! Luckily, Kim had a family heirloom ring that had been passed down generations with a funny story. Kim is from South Africa and her family still resides there today. Well, her great grandfather raised and farmed ostriches (how cool!). He had just gotten some new ostriches from an area of South Africa that was known for its diamond mining. A few days later, her great grandfather saw something shiny in one of the ostriches’ poop! Ostriches struggle digesting so they eat rocks to help them break down their foods. Sure enough one had eaten a rather large diamond and pooped it out! Gross, but awesome! Her great grandfather had it made into a couple different pieces of jewelry and the ring he made was to be passed down each generation to the oldest daughter. Kim now is the owner of the beautiful ring and wore it on her wedding day in leu of the one that Sam had wanted to propose with.

Kim handled the stolen ring situation with such kindness and would never be one to complain! That is why when Sam pulled out a ring at the ceremony- Kim was shocked!! He had redesigned the same ring that had been stolen and slid it onto her finger as they spoke promises to one another. It was genuinely the sweetest thing and the expression on Kim’s face says it all! They finished exchanging rings and they sealed it with a kiss! Sam + Kim then frolicked down the aisle as newly husband and wife. Unexplainable joy!! After the ceremony, we snuck away for some portraits down by the lake. I couldn’t help but cry behind my camera pretty much the whole day. Sam + Kim were beyond grateful and kept thanking Jesus for his faithfulness and goodness in bringing them together and for blessing them with such a perfect day.

The weather went from sunny to rainy to sunny again and finally ended with a rainbow! They never were worried or stressed, but instead so joyful that their closest friends were there to celebrate with them. Their intention for the day was to leave married and make those around them feel loved. Sam + Kim value what marriage stands for and exemplify that in their actions. They love each other well and go above and beyond for others. Get some tissues, friends! The anticipation of this day for both Sam + Kim is on display in every picture. As they both said multiple times throughout the day, Thank you Jesus! I could go on and on, but I’ll end with this- I pray you both have a blessed marriage and that you continue to be wonderful examples of Jesus’ love to others. You both bless me greatly & it was an honor to be apart of your best day!



Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sansalone! I love you both!!!!




  1. Lorna Theodosiou says:

    Wonderful happy memories, yes I did shed a few tears.

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